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Music for all occasions!

With over twenty years of experience in the radio and entertainment industry, we have been providing music, fun and excitement for crowds of all ages. With our experience, we will make your special event fun, lively and professional. With warm personalities, a fabulous sound system, multicolor dance lights and unforgettable music to drive the night away. Your guest will always remember your event. They will be glad they came!

Music on the Move is located in central, Kentucky. We have a sound system for virtually any venue. There is a difference between playing loud and playing clear. We prefer playing clear, with a thump! We always have back-up equipment on site, just to be safe so the event will continue with sound and music. We have a large music/song library from our digital database. We love request! Our library consist of music from the Big Band Era, Classics of the 50's & 60's to Classic Rock all the way to current Main Stream Top 40 hits of today! Let us help you plan your event the way you want it to be.

Thank You,

Bill Eckler / Aaron Voynar

Your Mobile D.J. Sound Team                                  




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